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GABA Oolong


Nantou County, Taiwan


Chinese Name

GABA Oolong



GABA – GABA or gamma-aminobutyric acid is an amino that is naturally produced by our bodies which helps inhibit the firing of neurons in the brain. The overall effect on our systems is an anti-stress, anti-anxiety, calming and relaxing nutrient. It has been used clinically for depressed sex drive, prostate problems, and as a non-addictive tranquilizer substitute. GABA tea is an all-natural source of GABA. Discovered more than 20 years ago by Japanese researchers looking for a natural method to preserve food, they discovered that when tea is oxidized in a nitrogen-rich/oxygen free atmosphere the concentration of GABA elements became higher than in any other type of tea. Benefits attributed to GABA tea include: lowering blood pressure, increased mental alertness, weight loss and stress and anxiety relief.


Flavor Profile

Smooth and dark with notes of amber.


Recommended Brewing Temperature

190 - 200º Farenheit

88 - 93º Celsius

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