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Dragon Well

Zhejiang Province, China


Chinese Name

Long Jing


Without truly experiencing the story of this tea’s cultivation, one can only imagine the scene: In the far-eastern mountains of central China in Zhejiang (je-jyang) Province, this subtle green tea, is hand picked after the first spring rains have rinsed the leaves and is hand carried down the mountain side in small baskets. The tea is then carefully sorted and laid out to dry, hand roasted in large pans and readied for brewing.


Hailed as one of China’s Top Ten famous teas, this tea is prized not only for it’s high anti-oxidants and health benefits but also for it’s versatility and wide range of flavors. At The Whole Leaf our tea experts carefully select the ultimate balance of quality and value to bring you this special and renowned Chinese Tea.


Flavor Profile

Grassy and strong with a toasty finish.


Recommended Brewing Temperature

180º Farenheit

82º Celsius


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